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Cafeteria Est. 2023

​Bánh Mì A&B



To place an order from our restaurant, simply give us a call at 902-989-8185.

​Banh Mi A&B

To share a little piece of Viet Nam culture as well as showcase the vibrant cuisine from our country to Halifax-ers. We are proud to bring the popular street food, delicious meals for people from the walks of life, Banh Mi.

It can be seen as a signature dish with the crispy baguette, savoury meats, fresh herbs, and a unique mayo that will transport your taste buds to the street of Vietnam. We are committed to staying true to the traditional banh mi recipe while also adding our own twist to make it even more tasty. At our new location, you can expect to experience with the freshest ingredients, and serve with smile.

Locations & Hours

Drop for a bite


6172 Quinpool, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Opening Hours

Monday: 10am - 9pm

Tuesday: 10am -9pm

Wednesday: 11am - 9pm

Thursday: 10am - 9pm

Friday: 10am -10pm

Saturday: 10am - 10pm

Sunday: 10am -10pm

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